Carolina Arms Company, LLC


Welcome to Carolina Arms Co, we are a South Carolina based FFL that deals in private sales of firearms. Currently Carolina Arms Co is operating in a discrete appointment only business dealing directly with law biding citizens, law enforcement and military. If you are in need of a firearm please contact us directly using our contact page. We work with nearly every firearm manufacturer there is and do our best to find our clients the firearms they are looking for.

Please note that before a transcation will be done we will perform a background check prior to ordering or receiving your firearm. If you have a concealed weapons permit issued in South Carolina you can scan and email that to us for proof. This will need to be present while filling out your ATF Form 4473.

Thank you,


Mark Parris


A free people ought not only to be armed but disciplined; to which end a Uniform and well digested plan is requisite: And their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories, as tend to render them independent on others, for essential, particularly for military supplies. — President George Washington, January 8, 1790.